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Mind Mapping Tools



Mind Map ExampleThe usefulness of mind mapping, the concept and idea representation in the visually easier to comprehend way, is simply irreplaceable. The process of mind mapping shines in simplicity and widely used in various instances – individual or team-work environment, brainstorming, synthesis, analysis of data / information and such.


Presently, a great variety of on-the-shelf software is available for your likes and dislikes to aid the management of the mind mapping process. There are also completely free applications which will transform your typical mind map into something more solid and professional-looking. A convenient and fully interactive comparison table of such software could be found at the Tablefy.


On the side note, Tablefy has many other useful comparison sections which seem coherent and representative.

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Expression of Creativity

Expressions of Creativity

This is my response to the voluntary design project:

I do not dye my hair in bright, glowing in the dark colours or dress provocatively to move the crowds, I do not paint and sell pictures on the street, I do not perform in theatre making people burst in tears (maybe except when I am asleep), what I do have however is a distinctive perception and style that feeds the uncontrollable passion for the beautiful and original things.

My creativity acumen begun with a song, when I was pre-school and used to sing in open events. Then I used to draw, discover myself in poetry, explore the horizon of electronic music making, and play with photography and moving pictures (video-making).

Creativity is individual, yet for me it has always been a positive mark of excellence and quality in your own field. I like to be practical, and I like to inspire and surprise, even if it is one person. You never know what difference that one person could really make…


Verdict? Not impressive enough!

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