Expressions of Creativity

This is my response to the voluntary design project:

I do not dye my hair in bright, glowing in the dark colours or dress provocatively to move the crowds, I do not paint and sell pictures on the street, I do not perform in theatre making people burst in tears (maybe except when I am asleep), what I do have however is a distinctive perception and style that feeds the uncontrollable passion for the beautiful and original things.

My creativity acumen begun with a song, when I was pre-school and used to sing in open events. Then I used to draw, discover myself in poetry, explore the horizon of electronic music making, and play with photography and moving pictures (video-making).

Creativity is individual, yet for me it has always been a positive mark of excellence and quality in your own field. I like to be practical, and I like to inspire and surprise, even if it is one person. You never know what difference that one person could really make…


Verdict? Not impressive enough!