Green is for Green

“Green Business” is a frequent buzzword-guest on the pages of the Irish quality gazettes. It usually relates to the support and adoption of the environmental and ecological sustainability practices. Areas of production and operation are likely to be the target one for the integration of such practices as the means of operations of any business, circularly influences the continuity capability of the organisation. A simple example would be switching to soy based ink in printing industry, it is organic, renewable and has little to no potentially-harmful side effects to the environment.


Without going any deeper into environmental ecology lessons, it is worth mentioning the recognition and necessity of switching to Green Business by the European Union. The EU has agreed on the sweeping plan to reduce the amount of emissions and other pollutants. Among the other benefits the most noticeable “short” term one is massive cost saving on health.


So, should I care about Green? Short version is yes and no – surprise surprise. In manufacturing for example or services that require heavy electricity consumption, switching to renewable energy may have instant savings on the bill. Not only it is environmentally responsible move it is also cost-effective “Mam says by switching to Airtricity we saved a lot of lolly” source.


Some of other potential benefits for your business to go Green are summarised here.


As for No part of the answer, it is arguable that there are no real disadvantages, however! Catering for Green means change and change means changing habits, introducing innovation, investing time, exploring training possibilities / capabilities – whatever the case might be. It is mostly felt through SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises) where the advantages of switching might not seem evident.


To finish off, apprehension of Green Knowledge Economy has the potential of raising earnings, whether it is in-company or playing on the stock market (companies that develop and promote sustainable products and services). Bottom line is, to be sensible and aware of the circumstances. It is like with computers, not every on-the-shelf software idea is valuable or bound to bring benefits. Do embrace Green, but embrace it with your pragmatism!