I have been poked by my few but very diamond fans to stop slacking on the content. So as a little treat and a make it up gift, I have decided to go “out there” and do something different. (Originally it was meant to be a podcast, but with few limitations on the way, which we grew to like so very much, the idea is on the little place called hold.)

Today, I would like to introduce you to undoubtedly terrific Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, a genuinely amiable professional and an exclusively dear friend of mine – Ms. Anna Casey.


Hello Anna, it is an absolute treat to have you here, How are you?
Hello Eduardas! It is a real treat for me to be here too, thank you.


Please tell a little about yourself and what you do?
At present, I am an NLP practitioner; a student; an architect; and a mother to start off with. What I do now as an NLP practitioner, is guide others as they rediscover their own potential, their unique inner resources; - so they too can aim to become the best they can be in life.

How and when did you find out about NLP, and what it is that interests you the most in the field?
My curiosity about NLP began back in 2003 and is linked to my own personal quest. It was a time in my life when I felt really dis-empowered. At that time I was taught some great NLP techniques, and I pretty much immediately felt the difference. I realised then that it was I who held the power for my own change, my own improvements, my own adventures.

What interests me the most about NLP is the fact that change can occur so quickly. The fact that we all can do it easily, and so much quicker than ever before known. When you learn the simple tools and techniques, you basically learn how to unleash your true potential and you are then on the way to become a new (improved) person.


What is the purpose of NLP?
The purpose of NLP is to rediscover the uniqueness of ‘you’ the person, to tap into your inner resources, to remember the amazing person you were way back when you were only 2 or 3 years of age when you were so powerful that you believed you could do everything and anything - before you were told you couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t. NLP reprogrammes you, so that you are able to use the unexplored power of your imagination and concentration to give you back your vitality, your curiosity, your drive. You can then gain a new empowering perspective in life..


Who is the NLP for?
Everyone, you, me! Old and young- it is now known that we can just keep on learning – it can slow down the progress of Alzheimers. I strongly believe it should be taught and applied in schools, colleges and work places. You see, little kids have a great capacity for being self assured and confident in whatever they do. They are rarely anxious of the possible results because of their belief in their own power, and also their lack of ‘self-consciousness’. NLP can teach us how to lose that debilitating ‘self-consciousness’, and how to hold on to, or regain, that capacity for self- assuredness; that confidence, that desire for life.


What do you think of NLP in business instance?
Because of the understanding of how we all create our external experiences from our internal ways of thinking, business NLP, through communication and rapport training can ensure changes are made at both conscious and unconscious levels. This ensures the changes in the company are lasting, and also that the staff achieve a much higher level of confidence which can thus open up many individual and organisational opportunities. Communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, as examples, are areas where NLP tools and techniques would enable smart people in business to communicate on a superior level.


What are the personal and professional benefits to have NLP insight?
Could you imagine owning a computer and never updating your programmes? It would not be beneficial to anyone. Likewise, with our personal lives as with our professional careers, can we honestly hope to succeed without updating, deleting, reprogramming as necessary.  Since NLP is about awareness of what change can achieve, with the appropriate practice and techniques, the personal and professional benefits are that you remain in tune, in time and up to date – to say the least.

 A few examples: - Many world class golf players use NLP visualisation techniques. They imagine each individual shot in the mind first, and then apply that in real life.
An architect re-imagines a design and then reworks it to make it a much better solution.
During a business presentation, the presenters can use a triggering anchor, to enable them to remember a “you-got-it” time, and so enable them to be in a different frame of mind and give a great presentation..


What is modelling and how can learning to model be of benefit to my life?
By modelling certain people who have the qualities we desire, we can learn how to imagine or  “pretend” to be them, and so take on their qualities.  We could also become a more confident, outgoing and charismatic character. The qualities that will stay with practice. When we get older we naturally slow down in our modelling, but can continue indefinitely.


While researching the topic, I have come across the “out of car” and “body experiences”. What do they really mean?
NLP is about imagination, and concentration. Remembering certain techniques as an adult can be so powerful that you may feel that you are actually “there”.
Some techniques involve you imagining some future (or past) event, so vividly that you feel almost a loss of sensation with your body – an out of body sensation, where you are aware but not attached to the physical body.
There are some more literal interpretations of course.


What are the qualities of a good NLP trainer?
Good teachers lead by their actions and thereby teach others to be the best they can be. Leading into life would require empathy, assertiveness and definitely understanding.


Is there anything you would like to add to our little interview?
When we do learn new things it is of most benefit to remember the importance of revision, practice, and repetition. Also, it is vitally important to be positive and think positively about our potential and the power of life with more choices.


Anna Casey is based in Dublin, Dun Laoghaire and you may contact her via http://www.becauseuarehere.com