Corporate Creativity

Without a shadow of a doubt innovation and creativity are synonyms of engine oil for product / project marketing and branding. It is an uneasy process to manage due to its nature and the elements of unlimited unrestricted “thinking out of the box”.


So, what could be the reasons to push you on the trail of seeking creativity and innovation at workplace? It is most likely to be related to:


 –  Promotional and marketing purposes;

 –  Efficiency maintenance and cost cutting;

 –  Effectiveness, quality control and benchmarking;

 –  Product / service development and re-branding.


In saturated markets it is absolutely auspicious to have an original perspective, not only in terms of competitive function and sustainability but also for development of so called “good will”.


Benefits! Yes, there are many benefits for creative practicing at work. Some of the examples represent individual, organisational and market perspective benefits (Kim-Brand).


Where do ideas come from? If there is a need, it might be advantageous to “buy” creativity and innovation consultation and guidance online, due to the easy of access and availability, as oppose to using local and internal resources. However, there is an increased risk factor of miscommunication and misinterpretation.


There is a general disbelief about cost effectiveness of the innovation and creativity in current economic downturn. Some fear that research and development departments will be the first ones to suffer budget cutbacks. However, Frank Evan director of business development for Ninesigma argues that “there is never a good time to hold back on gaining a competitive advantage”. You can listen to the original podcast over here.


In conclusion, it all comes down to pursuing individual business objectives to identify the most feasible means and tailor organisational needs accordingly. There is no unified formula of successful business development what works in one micro climate might be a potent economic disaster in another. So get your hands dirty and do the homework!



“Measurable Business Results”


An unusual approach to “thinking out of the box” concept, employed by Nissan manufacturers. Anyone else find it ironical?

The New York International Auto Show, Apr 2009 Nissan Cube (Image Source: Sky News)

The New York International Auto Show, Apr 2009 Nissan Cube (Image Source: Sky News)


Netherlands based Freedom of Creation, design studio and their creative project of Onitsuka Tiger - The Electric Light Shoe.

The Electric Light Shoe


Onitsuka Tiger Project: Making of Electric Light Shoe.


To finish up, I have recently discovered Evernote. A free service that makes capturing of the information in “any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere” a much, much easier task. Now, lets practice our creativity skills and find one hundred unique uses for Evernote, shall we?!

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